The following quotes are from parties Kate has recently mediated with:

‘With [her] calm and capable manner and an informal and inclusive style of dealing with parties in dispute [she] facilitated and advanced discussions between the parties even when emotions were running high. At short notice [she was] fully across the complex legal issues and used [her] demonstrable legal and commercial capability to bridge the gulf between the parties.’

‘Kate has a rare combination of talents: compassion and attentiveness to the needs of individuals in the room, combined with laser-like clarity. She engenders immediate trust and confidence, with her gentle listening skills and robust handling of challenging issues. She is a highly accomplished and skilful mediator.’

‘I cannot speak highly enough of Kate. She worked diligently to get over obstacles that were put in the way of a mediation that our opponents cancelled twice. She showed dogged determination and on the day she kept going with good humour and a wonderful, relaxed manner. My client thought she was excellent and it helped that she got a deal none of us expected. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kate.’

‘Kate Jackson had everything you need in a mediator - a swift and comprehensive grasp of the facts and issues, efficient but charming management of the process, a great manner with lay clients and a highly practical and commercial focus on a resolution.’

‘In a difficult and combustible mediation, Kate proved a calming and measured influence. Kate endeavoured to look beyond the histrionics and personalities to work towards a commercial solution that was in everyone's benefit. Without her skilfulness, it is highly likely the mediation would have lasted all of 5 minutes. We definitely recommend Kate.’

‘Kate was probably the best mediator we have come across. We would definitely use her again.’

‘Kate was extraordinarily good. She concluded a settlement which I never considered possible…She also managed to master her brief in a very complicated matter with real speed.’

‘Kate maintained a calm attitude even when the mediation scenario got intense. Her in-depth knowledge of the law was a huge advantage to the parties which helped the case settle with both sides satisfied.’

‘Kate’s understated dexterity and tenacity in bridging a seemingly unbridgeable rift between the parties triumphed and resulted in a well balanced settlement which neither party had truly felt to be possible and all in the space of just one day of determined mediation.’

‘Kate was highly professional throughout the mediation process. She has an excellent manner with the parties - she listens with empathy and consideration, yet concisely summarises the position and focuses the parties on the pertinent issues. I would definitely recommend Kate and would instruct her again.’

‘My client and I were very impressed by the way in which the mediation was conducted. Despite a big gap between the parties at the outset, and aggressive tactics from the other side, we managed to achieve a resolution, against the odds.’

‘Kate Jackson proved to be an excellent choice of mediator. She was efficient, fair, pragmatic and listened with understanding and empathy.’

‘This was one of London’s highest value international mediations with one party appearing on Skype from the Cayman Islands. Only the most experienced lawyers and mediator could deal with a case like this. That was achieved as was a settlement.’

‘Kate used the time we had effectively and brought the matter to a sensible resolution for all concerned. Kate was particularly sensitive to the personalities of the parties and was able to diffuse the situation when one party threatened to leave. Would highly recommend and would definitely provide instructions again.’

‘From the off-set Kate was proactive and attentive. During the mediation Kate demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the facts of the case as well as the relevant legal points. She was calm and firm throughout and her pragmatic approach helped the parties achieve the right result in a difficult case.’

‘I was impressed with the way Kate maintained the momentum of the mediation, making sure that the parties got on with matters, picking the right moments to have debates on particular aspects of the merits, and ensuring that the mediation did not develop into a staring contest.’

‘Kate has both the technical expertise required to understand the legal issues in play as well as an incredibly intuitive approach to dealing with the parties’ respective requirements for achieving a successful outcome.’

‘The mediation was successful because Kate got the parties to focus on achieving a practical, commercial settlement instead of their historical grievances and entrenched legal positions. My client was very pleased with the outcome facilitated by Kate.’

‘I sometimes feel that there's an element of going through the motions in mediation, and that the settlement will always come irrespective of the input of the mediator. However, that wasn't the case yesterday, and I would say that you did genuinely make a difference. On the way back [client] was particularly impressed by your ability to stop him getting up and walking out, which I can say from past experience is high praise indeed!’

‘Kate was recommended to me as a mediator and with good reason; she is a professional, empathetic and hard working mediator. Kate maintained constant contact with both parties throughout the course of the day and, as a result of her dedication, settlement was achieved quickly and efficiently and I would not hesitate to instruct her again.’

‘Thank you for your patience and perseverance. It has been a great pleasure, and your keeping at it since the mediation (something most mediators don't do) really helped drive it through to a conclusion.’

‘Kate was an excellent mediator. She was very proactive in contacting the parties prior to the mediation, had read through the papers thoroughly and was very well prepared. The mediation was conducted very efficiently and professionally, which was not an easy task as the other side were not represented. Kate was firm, but fair throughout, and as a result of her persuasive nature we were able to settle a difficult claim relatively easily.’

‘She has an enthusiastic yet calming energy. She communicates well and maintains composure in difficult situations.’

‘Kate Jackson is a user-friendly mediator with a down to earth and sensible approach which capitalises on the parties’ aspirations to resolve their dispute in a realistic manner. Would not hesitate to use Kate again.’

‘Kate is a very calming presence in mediations. An excellent listener, she maintains a balanced view of the issues at all times but is not afraid to take action when the situation demands. A pleasure to work with.’

‘Kate truly delivered on our expectations for the mediation meeting. I was impressed by her ability to grasp the key issues, and her desire to move the parties gently but consistently towards an agreed position. I don't think either party came to the meeting genuinely believing that a settlement could be reached on the day, but thanks to Kate's efforts we were able to find common ground. Even when the finer drafting of the agreement proved to be contentious, she worked very hard to find common-sense solutions. We would certainly recommend her for future mediations.’

‘Kate came to the mediation with a detailed grasp of the facts of the case. She quickly built an easy rapport with the parties and was a major influence on the case settling on the day.’

‘Kate was a true professional. She dealt with the issues confidently and worked well with the clients and her co-mediator. Thanks very much indeed. I shall use her again.’

‘I was very impressed with the way Kate handled the mediation. It was particularly interesting to see how she drip fed points to the parties to ensure that each was properly considered and had maximum impact.’

‘Kate was very clear in the way the mediation would be conducted. Myself and my clients were kept updated throughout the day, even during times that Kate was with the other side. Kate elicited the right information from the right people on my team, and made helpful suggestions to the way we approached the matter.’

‘I felt you put the participants at ease and that your manner led them to have trust and confidence in the mediation.’

‘I thought your calm and methodical approach was very effective. You were able to maintain forward motion in all the meetings, when there were possibilities of some fairly circular arguments creating diversions. At the same time, you were thorough and dealt with all points when raised.’

‘I thought you helped bring about a sensible solution to a difficult case with considerable skill, tact and awareness. In particular, your responsiveness to the personalities involved and the sensitivities of the case was very much appreciated.’

‘From the outset, Kate made all the participants feel at ease; from the pre-mediation engagement to the consideration shown to them on arrival for the mediation. Her thorough preparation and friendly, diplomatic style laid the foundations for a successful solution to this longstanding dispute. Throughout the day, Kate remained calm and completely engaged, providing the space for participants to develop solutions, offering timely encouragement and only intervening to maintain momentum and to ensure that discussions remained focussed.’

‘I felt that you were well prepared, calm, impartial, hard working and had a good grasp of the issues and personalities involved, and moved the mediation forward effectively to a conclusion. I would be happy to use your services again.’

‘I found your calm, no nonsense approach and ability to get to the crux of the issues quickly, extremely helpful at the mediation. It was I'm sure, one of the main reasons why we were able to settle the matter so quickly (I've never got out of a mediation before 10pm before)! I won't hesitate to recommend you to my clients and colleagues.’

‘Kate was very well prepared and made sure that the brief time allotted for the mediation was used effectively. I was very impressed by her skills as a mediator’

‘Thank you (again) for your persevering, professional and cheerful approach in helping to reach a settlement.’

‘A settlement was achieved late on. At times parties were close to leaving the process but the mediator persuaded them to stay. Kate possessed all the relevant skills and knowledge to deal with the disputed subject. There was a lot of paperwork and figures involved and she cut through all of this, steering the parties off the liability arguments and legal issues to focus on a reaching a settlement figure, which ultimately worked. The mediator dealt with the personalities and group relations particularly well as my client was a private individual who believed he'd been defrauded and so there was a certain amount of emotion present and the mediator dealt with this very well.’

‘Kate was very empathetic and understanding of my clients needs and position which help put them at ease. Her mediation skills and understanding of the legal and factual issues involved contributed significantly to the successful resolution of the mediation and I would certainly recommend her to others.’

‘Kate approached what was a difficult mediation in a calm, informal but disciplined way, setting the right tone for the parties to reach settlement.’

‘I have the highest possible regard for Kate’s skill in bringing this matter to a conclusion and her patience at the end of a long day and calm manner in dealing with [the clients] which brought this matter to a conclusion.’